Living Bones

Karen stood in the middle of the hallway, staring up at a dinosaur.

It was only the bones, of course. Probably not even that, probably some fibreglass facsimile of the bones of a brachiosaur. Still, it was huge, looming over the people walking in, a giant even in its death.

Karen let the traffic flow around her, people moving inside to see more exhibits, bones and artifacts and ancient relics. She stared up at the thunderous beast, imagining what it must have looked like with muscle and skin, maybe even feathers.

She pictured the brachiosaur coming to life, shaking off the poles and things holding it in its stasis. It looked to its left, its right, then emitted a trumpeting call, looking for friends. It stepped off the dias, sending people running in fear. Karen smiled as the annoying lady from the lineup was smacked by the creature’s tail, went flying into the wall. Well done, my pretty, she thought.

The brachiosaur reared up on its hind legs, calling again. It barely fit in the high ceilings, but Karen delighted in its dominance of the surroundings, the attention everyone was forced to give it.

She knew, at the back of her mind, that the image she had was mostly from assumed reconstructions, may not have  been anything like the creature she was picturing now. But still, it was a fun image to keep as her friend now returned to all fours and sashayed its way into the inner rooms, smashing some walls as it did so.

“Miss? Is there anything I can help you out with?” said a voice beside her.

Karen looked over, saw the smiling face of a museum guide.

“Oh, no, just imagining, thanks.”

“Oh, carry on then!” the guide said, stepping back with a broad grin.

Karen returned to the dinosaur, now just bones on a pedestal. Her friend was farther inside, so she set off to catch up.



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