Public Shaming

Preston watched as the BMW stopped at a red light. The man inside sat in an expensive suit and polished off the last bites of a fast food burger. He crumpled up the wrapper, rolled down his window, and tossed the wrapper out before rolling his window up.

Preston stopped and looked directly in the tinted window. The man inside, barely visible, looked out. Preston put his arms out, frowned, and gestured, asking, “What the hell?” The man inside shrugged, then drove forward as the light turned green and traffic moved.

He only made it ten metres, not quite through the light. The next light was red, and traffic was backed up. Preston hurried forward and stood on the sidewalk, looking in at the man again. The man rolled down his window.

“What the fuck do you want?”

“You’re a bad person,” Preston called out.

“Fuck you, I’ll do what I want!”

Preston raised a finger, and began waggling it back and forth.

The driver in the car behind the BMW was laughing gleefully. People on the street stopped, and a woman asked, “What’s going on?”

“He just threw his burger wrapper on the street. It’s back there.”



The woman stood next to Preston, looking at the man in his car, and shouted, “Booo!”

Traffic ahead remained stalled, and a small group formed, jeering the man. He rolled down his window and threw a soft drink cup at them, making them grow louder, angrier. People on the other side of the street joined in, pointing and booing. The man tried to hunker down in his seat, out of view, but it was no avail. When the light turned green, and traffic started to move again, he sped forward, trying to get away. As he turned, looking in his rear-view mirror at the receding people, he was brought to a sudden halt by a car smashing into the side of his. The crowd cheered, then dispersed, and Preston carried on towardMobMome.


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