Sorting a Problem

Julio walked to the Nicki’s desk and waited.

“Yeah? Oh, right, okay. Yeah, sure, I can do that. Yup. Okay, lickety-split. K. K, bye.”

Nicki hung up the phone, and Julio stepped forward, knocked on the desk.

“Yes?” Nicki said, looking up from the paper she was scribbling on.

“Hey Nicki. I just had a question about the pricing of a few products.”

Nicki looked down again, continued to scibble on the paper. “Uh huh,” she said.

“It’s just coming up a different price on the website as it is in my system, so when people are calling in, they’re confused.”

“Okay, let me look it up,” Nicki said, looking to her computer. She clicked around, typed a few things, then, without looking up, said, “What was your name again?”


“Uh huh. And your ID?”


Nicki typed, clicked a few more times, then said, “Nope, looks like it’s all the same.”

“But it’s coming up differently in my system, versus the website.”

“Nope, it’s all priced the same, unless they’re doing something strange. Or maybe they’re seeing the price with tax on the website?”

“I checked it myself, though, through both the website and the system. The prices are different, and they’re all different than what’s advertised.”

“Come here,” Nicki said, and Julio walked around to look at her screen as she pointed. “See right there? Same as over there. It’s all the same.”

“Right, but it’s coming up differently in the actual ordering system.”

“It can’t do that. Go and check it again, and you’ll find it’s the same throughout. Now excuse me, I have other things to do.”

Julio stepped back and Nicki pushed her chair away from the desk and over to a table. He considered asking her to come to his desk, but was so fully dismissed. He knew that Nicki never responded well to further questioning. He left her office, and stopped in at Bart’s on his way back to his desk.

“Hey, Julio, Nicki get that sorted for you?”

“No, boss, she said it’s all the same in the system, so – ”

“Okay, then it’s the same for you, you just made a mistake. It’s okay, we all make them, Julio, just figure out what you did wrong. Excuse me,” Bart picked up his phone and stated dialing.

Julio returned to his desk, staring at the numbers. He consulted the manual, followed the steps exactly, ran through a few different possibilities. Nothing – always different. He decided to wait until after lunch before sending an e-mail to Nicki, asking her to come to his desk. He went in to the shared drive to look for other projects in the mean time.


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