“Sorry, what’s your name?” John asked.

“Deep-all,” Dipal said, pronouncing it slowly.

“Great, nice to meet you Dipol,” John held out his hand. Dipal cringed at the pronunciation, but shook the hand anyway. “What brings you to this little shindig?”

“Here for networking, meeting people in the field, that kind of thing.”

“Ah, yes, good plan Dipol,” John said. These networking events are always so good, right?”

“Yes, I’m told they are. Hopefully it will be useful.”

“I’m sure it will, Dipol.”

Dipal pursed his lips, wondering why his interlocutor insisted on continuing to say his name, and to say it that way.

“Any big plans for tomorrow, Dipol?” John said. “There are some great presentations happening on inter-office synergizing, I know.”

“Um, yes, I suppose so. Excuse me, I need to go and, uh, register.”

“Oh sure, the table is right over there, Dipol,” John pointed.

“Thank you,” Dipal said, happy to be leaving the man, and the conversation, behind.

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