A Healthy Diet

When Alec started swimming, he spent three hours per day in the pool. He mastered front crawl in one day, breast stroke in two. Butterfly stroke took longer: after four days in the pool, he was fluttering across.

By the end of two weeks, Alec could have become a competitive swimmer, if he had felt particularly competitive.

When Alec learned to knit, he started with a scarf. The next day, he knit a pair of mittens. The day after, he started on a blanket. Four days after that, he started on a sweater. He submitted his work to the local Women’s Institute for critique, and some weeks later received high praise. The WI wondered who this unsigned requester of critiques was, for she was truly a master perler, but Alec, pleased with the praise, carried on without replying.

When Alec started eating healthy, though, his zeal nearly overwhelmed him.

He immediately cut out sugars, dairy, gluten, cooked food, everything that every blog and nutrionist told him too. Soon, he was eating only nuts and fresh fruit.

His body rebelled.

It demanded chocolate bars whenever he saw them. It demanded meat, with its fats and iron. It demanded anything more than that paltry few foods he was consuming.

Alec did not relent. His will was more powerful than his body’s cravings.

When he collapsed on the street, the people nearby were good enough to call an ambulance. He was quickly pumped full of the vitamins and minerals his body lacked, and he returned to good health within a few days.

He then returned to his diet, knowing he could win this battle, regardless of how many times his body fought back.


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