Occult Alt Codes

When Anastasia looked in her co-workers’ keyloggers, she was amazed at what she found.

A litany of strange typings. Some were web-searches – things entirely unallowed by the agreements they had signed on accepting the job – and some were e-mails sent – things entirely unallowed by both company policy and the social contract.

But the strangest loggings were those of the CEO himself. While some of the scandalous e-mails were his – mostly to the interns – and some of the bizarre websearches, he also seemed to have a series of unexplainable typings.

She checked the logs, and invariably these keys were typed in at 11:42 pm. They ran for exactly one minute, and stopped abruptly, logs showing the computer powered off by 11:44.

It looked like a series of alt codes. However, when looking them up, Anastasia could find no corresponding code tables for the numbers typed.

When she finally did find the website, with a series of occult symbols and spells that eerily followed recent corporate developments, she wasn’t sure how to proceed. She closed the browser, sent the information to her home e-mail, erased any trace of her searches, and moved to another project, leaving it to the back of her mind to consider what to do next.


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