Waiting for the Bus

Curtis stood at the busstop, waiting. The bus was non-present, as usual.

It’s not like it was a particularly difficult thing, to be on time. At least not for Curtis. He always left early, factoring in things like delays, late buses, and the like, so that he would always arrive when, or before, he was supposed to. But he could never fathom the delays in the bus schedule, and they always annoyed him.

While standing, he tried to consider what was habitually holding things up. It wasn’t, after all, like this was a singular event. One late bus, sure, that was understandable. A few late buses, well, rush hour does happen. But daily, and consistently late buses? One could easily track the information, find out where and what was causing the problems, and plan for it. Have buses available ahead of those that were held up by traffic, or by over-crowded stops. Lobby for transit lanes. Do something, at least, to get around the fact that the bus was never – and Curtis had been tracking since he moved to this area of the city – never on time for when it was supposed to be.

There was, of course, the one instance where the bus had been not just on time, but early. It was, of course, the one day Curtis had been running late – which is to say he was on time – but arriving on time for the bus that was early was just as difficult as arriving early for the bus that was late, for the buses never waited. Stop, open doors, continue. Perhaps this was a learned behaviour from habitual tardiness, or simply company policy. Either way, he didn’t make the singular early bus, and was forced to wait for half an hour, calling in to work and informing them he would be late, causing much tittering among his coworkers.

Since then, Curtis had been sure to arrive early for the bus that always arrived late, and he wrote letter after letter to the transit company, local politicians, and the media. Still, the buses kept coming late, and Curtis kept arriving early, standing around, bored and contemplative, and just a little bit more annoyed than yesterday.



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