Educational Inflation

“Tell me, Kropp, you have fairly average credentials. What are some of your strengths that you bring to this job?”

“Umm,” Myles said. “Well, I’m good with people. In my training as a doctor, I regularly met with patients and ensured they felt comfortable discussing health-related problems they might be having. I’m also comfortable with detail-oriented work, while maintaining good bedside manner.”

“Very good. And in this position, you may have to engage in some heavy lifting. Is this something you would be able to do?”

“Of course. I know medicine seems like it’s more small vials and inspection, but we regularly had to move or turn patients who were unconscious. And prior to my MD, I volunteered in an archive, moving large boxes and material around carefully.”

“Great, thanks Mr. Kropp. Now, say one of our VIPs is quite upset about a discrepancy. It does sometimes happen, unfortunately, so how would you handle that?”

“Hm. Well, part of my training included non-violent crisis intervention, so I’m well versed in defusing such situations.”

“Okay, but what exactly would you do?”

“I’d listen to their concerns without interrupting, hear what they had to say. I’d apologize, and tell them I would inform my supervisor of the issue, and we would correct it immediately. In the meantime, I would have to go with whatever the price on shelf stated, so I would make the necessary correction.”

“I see. All right, do you have any questions for us, Mr. Kropp?”

“When do expect to have a decision?”

“As you know, the grocery business is a fast-moving one, Mr. Kropp. We should be able to let you know by Friday, at the latest.”

“Thank you.”

“Thank you, Mr. Kropp.”


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