In Transit

Public transit is not the same as any other mode of transportation.

In your own car, you are alone. You may have a passenger or two. The environmentally and socially conscious will carpool. But ultimately, it’s you alone against a world of insanity, rage, and fear.

On a subway, or a bus, or a streetcar, though, you need not worry about such things. In the case of a bus, a driver takes over those worries. For a streetcar, some concern may be present, but ultimately the car has a set track. For a subway, it’s just forward or stop, with little in your way but other subway cars going in the same direction.

But for the rider, it’s a whole microcosm happening around you. Children, elderly, people going to work. People discussing their upcoming plans, or previous trysts.

Life of the transit cars is one of excitement. No bland or stilted conversation. No conversation at all is required, if you don’t want. Just ride and let the world turn about you.

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