Lord of the Land

Kevin coughed, raised an eyebrow, and surveyed the lands around him.

Under his gaze, the cubicle serfs went about their business. Kevin stretched his shoulders, sipped from his gilt mug, and smiled. The kingdom truly prospered under his benevolent rule.

On the phones, David tried desperately to make his computer run. It continuously hung, causing longer and longer hold times. His eyes were dark and harried, his hair mussed, his tie untied.

In HR, Savannah put together package after package to try to retain employees, all of whom would quit anyway. Most of their exit reviews cited stress-related injuries or causes, and Savannah could do nothing but pass these on to management, knowing that it would do no good; she herself slept poorly, and wondered if she was developing an ulcer.

The CEO worked in the corner office, his door perpetually closed. He reviewed the numbers for the quarter, nodded, and sent an e-mail to Kevin congratulating him on the good job. He informed his star manager of the coming bonus on his paycheque.

And Kevin continued to sip from his lordly mug, survey from his lordly perch, ensuring his kingdom ran smoothly. The people would hustle and harry, demand every more from their lord, and he might deign to hear their demands, or he might dismiss them – always kindly, of course.

Yes, he thought to himself. I am truly doing well for my people.

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