Few people could use a hula-hoop the way that Marcellus could.

His passion for the toy began when he was quite young. Marcellus’ parents, when he was just four years old, had purchased a small hula-hoop to try to get him off the couch. It had worked for a total of four minutes, before Marcellus returned to a mix of television and video games.

A year later, however, Marcellus, in a fit of boredom – nothing good was on, and he was tired of his old games – picked up his hula-hoop and swung it around his hips. He got three turns before the thing fell to the ground. He picked it up, and tried again, and again, until he could get it moving consistently.

He quickly grew out of his first hula-hoop, but his parents were happy to buy him a larger one, and another one when he grew out of that one.

By age ten, Marcellus had gone through three hula-hoops, and could now do a wealth of tricks. From spinning the hoop around his various gyrating body parts, to throwing the hoop into the air with an arm and catching it on his leg.

After he turned fourteen, his parents went away for a two-day vacation. Marcellus took this time to coat his hula-hoop in a flammable gel and, midway through one of his routines, light it on fire.

When his parents asked what happened to the old hoop while they were away, and to his fitted hula-shirt, Marcellus dodged the questions, and they eventually settled for a “they just wore out”. Replacements were purchased, and Marcellus waited a few months before mentioning setting fire to the more robust hoop.

He was enrolled in circus classes, but quickly outpaced them. On his sixteenth birthday, then, Marcellus was pulled from school and sent to a professional circus school. By the time he was eighteen, he was on the streets, earning a living as a hula-hooper, and building what would become the greatest name in hula-hooping in the world.


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