Superhero Sidekicks

Jules looked at his sidekick, nodded, and leaped into battle.

The Mighty Mac, Jules’ arch-villain, had been a thorn in the side of justice and rightness since Jules began his cleaning up of the streets. But in every previous battle, Jules’ didn’t have his sidekick.

Thad was a new addition to the crime-fighting team; indeed, prior to Thad, Jules had only said “Crime-fighting team” to make it sound like others were working with him – that he wasn’t some vigilante out doing questionably moral actions. Now, though, he had truly made it a team, bringing in Thad, a hulking brute collected from Jules’ favourite bar.

There had been a few previous attempts at a Thad. Jules had tried for a lithe gymnast (too focused on aesthetic form rather than fighting), a super-intelligent inventor (too focused on testing new gear rather than fighting), and a dog (too focused on milk bones rather than fighting). Each had been abandoned to their failures, and Jules returned to the search.

Thad had tried to prevent Jules from entering the bar. Jules had tried many different ways around him – sweet-talking, distraction, even brute force. Thad had remained an indomitable wall. Jules offered him a job, promising better pay.

Thad showed up at Jules’ lair – a dingy apartment on the bad side of town – and was promptly tranquilized. Jules then underwent at-home surgery using a combination of research and youtube videos, and removed part of Thad’s brain. He put some packing foam in to keep the rest from sloshing around, and when Thad woke up, he was the perfect sidekick: mindless, but still ethical; strong, but loyal.

Now, they entered the fray with The Mighty Mac, and Jules grinned as Thad went to pounding. Another victory for justice, he thought to himself.


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