Sticky Buns

“Sweetie,” Kim called out.

“Yes dear?” Rob replied.

“Let’s have a treat today!”

“Okay,” Rob pushed his keyboard away and stood up. “What kind of treat?”

“Stick buns!” Kim’s eyes were large, her grin huge.

Rob sighed. “Can we have anything else?”

“No, I want sticky buns!”

Rob turned and walked to the bathroom. He came back a few minutes later, nude below the waist.

“Umm…you need pants to get sticky buns, sweetie,” Kim said, confused.

“No I don’t. That would make my jeans all covered in honey, which would involve all kinds of cleaning. Anyway, the buns are now sticky.” He turned to show her his dripping posterior.

“Gross!” Kim said. “Ugh. No, thank you. That put my appetite off. Never mind, we’ll stay home.

Rob grinned, pleased to have accomplished his mission. He walked back to the bathroom and turned on the shower, hoping the honey would come off easily.


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