What’s in a Name?

“Phylis, what are you doing?”

Phylis looked up from her book to see Robyn standing over her, blocking the light.

“What do you mean?” Phylis asked.

“Why the baby name book?”

“Oh! That. Um. Not what it looks like.” Phylis quickly closed the book, blushing.

Robyn sat down beside her. “Really? Cuz it looks like you’re choosing a baby name.”

“I’m not. Just looking for a, uh, new name.”

“For your baby?”

Phylis smacked her friend on the arm. “For myself.”

“Why? What’s wrong with Phylis?”

“I sound like some kind of disease!”

“No you don’t, Phylis is a great name.”

“Say that when you’re learning about syphilis in health class.”

“That was like, a decade and a half ago.”

“Still traumatic.”

Robyn sighed. “I like your name. I think it’s fine, and no one thinks of an STI when they say it.”

“Yes they do. And the ones that don’t think of their grandma. I need a new name,” Phylis reopened her book and stuck her nose deep within.

“Well, choose carefully, then.” Robyn pushed herself to her feet.

“How about Robyn? I like Robyn.”

“I like me too, but it’s my name. You can’t have it.”

“Robyn it is. I like it. Good ring to it. Lots of good memories. Thanks Robyn!” Phylis stood, handed the book to her friend, and walked away, a happy bounce to her step.

Robyn sighed, sat down, and started flipping through the book.


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