Go Fly a Kite

Nathalie held her arms ready, lowered them, then threw them up. The kite blew a meter or so away, then fell to the ground. She frowned, picked it up again, and readied herself. She threw it again. Again, it caught the wind, and promptly fell.

Nathalie stared at the kite. It was a classic diamond of colourful cloth, held together by two aluminum poles. She wondered if it just wasn’t windy enough, though the trees said otherwise. She shook her head, picked up the kite, and prepared to throw it up again, then stopped.

She walked over to the bag from which she had pulled it, newly bought. She looked at the instructions inside, reading them closely. Put together, done. Tie string securely, done. Hold up, and run with it behind you. There it is, she thought. The secret to this infernal thing. Running. Keep running? Is this some exercise thing? She looked to the next panel. No, stop, and remain stationary once its aloft. Excellent.

Nathalie put the bag down, replacing the stone that kept it from blowing away. She lifted the kite again, and readied herself.

“One,” she said. “Two…three!”

Nathalie started running, holding the kite up. When she felt the air catch it, she let go, keeping a firm hold on the string. It rose up above her, and she slowed, then stopped, letting out more of the line. The kite rose higher and higher and she kept unraveling.

Nathalie smiled, watching the kite dip and rise, feeling the pull of it in her arms and resisting, fighting with the wind. She kept giving more slack to the line, the kite rising higher and higher and higher.

She reached the end of the line. The preparers of the kite – a large factory in China – hadn’t thought anyone would go so far. The string wasn’t tied to the holder, so the kite immediately took off, pulled by the wind. Nathalie looked in horror, then started chasing after it. She followed it for nearly three hundred meters before it crashed to the ground again.

She gathered it up, walking back to her house. She took it inside, tied the string to the handle, and started winding.


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