Lewis took a deep breath, put on his smile, and said, “Thanks Jim. Weather for the next few days is looking a bit grim, but there’s hope at the end of the tunnel.”

Turning to the monitor on the side, he gestured to a splotch of cloud. “This storm front is moving in from the west and it’s going to park itself right over top of us, leading to four days straight of snow. You’ve probably already heard of our neighbours getting hammered with this blizzard over the past day or so, but we’ll be bearing the full front of it.

“As I say, it’ll be here for nearly four days before it moves on, slowed by high pressure systems on either side. We’re looking at temperatures between minus one and minus five, so not too cold, but the snow is going to pile and pile. Probably about seventy or eighty centimetres.

“I’ve spoken with city hall, and they say they’ll have the plows out early tomorrow to begin pre-salting. This thing is going to hit around mid-day, so if you have to work, try to take the afternoon off; all businesses, we’d suggest closing early, at the very least when you start to see some flakes.

“If you haven’t stocked up, now’s the time, folks. Get some groceries to last you straight to the weekend, and be ready for power outages and a long clean-up period. And remember if things are crazy at the store, we’re all in this together. Be kind to each other. Jim?”

Lewis saw the red light of the camera click off, and took a deep breath. He heard the anchor move to a story about a run on grocery items, and bare shelves. He walked off camera and saw the phones were already abuzz with callers. He steeled himself for the inevitable insults.


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