Three Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

Lonnie walked backwards to work every second day of the week.

It meant, of course, that three of the five days, he was walking normally. Two of the five were walked backwards. But he was able to say that he walked backwards every second day, making it sound more impressive; fifty percent, rather than forty.

Still, forty percent of the time walking backwards was impressive. That he didn’t run into other people (at least not often) or poles (again, rarely), and wasn’t hit by any cars (yet) was a testament to Lonnie’s luck.

Why he had started walking backwards, he wouldn’t tell any new hires. He had shown up to the first day in his new job, and told everyone, “Tomorrow, I will walk here backwards.” They were suitably impressed, and even more so when he actually did it. He informed everyone he would do so every second day. They merely accepted it as a fantastic thing about Lonnie.

Lonnie himself was pleased. Sure, the walk to work was difficult on Tuesday and Thursday, but he was getting better at walking backwards more quickly. And most of all, he was respected. When people asked him, “Lonnie, did you walk backwards to work today?” he could say, “Yes, I did, thank you for asking.”

And that they asked was all that Lonnie needed to continue.


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