Predator and Prey

Javier looked up and saw an eagle.

The bird circled above him, wings spread to move slowly like it was waiting for Javier to make the wrong move before it dove to attack, to eat. Javier stared.

He could just make out the eagle’s white head and brown body. He knew, without seeing, that the beak and talons would be a bright yellow. A bald eagle, the name apparent from here – it looked like it had no feathers, nothing on the head to slow it should it decide to come for him.

The eagle continued to circle slowly, quietly. It could not be described as lazy, for every little turn or change made in flight had clear intention. The eagle was not hunting. It had found its prey. It only remained for the prey to falter. How an eagle would take down a human, Javier didn’t consider. Only that, if he wasn’t exact in his reaction, he would become the meal.

The sun moved down in the sky as the two remained locked in their mutual regard. Javier raised a hand as the glare burned his eyes, and as soon as he did, the eagle dove. By the time Javier could see again, it was too late. The eagle was upon him, and he fell.


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