Friends and Neighbours

“Friends and neighbours, we gather today to mourn our brothers and sisters who died in the recent Arcadia Planitia tragedy,” the minister looked down at his notes, then continued.

“With all that has happened in recent days, the blame being leveled at our dear benefactors who sent us here for a low, low price, our hard-working engineers who ply their trade to keep us safe under the dome in the harshin march – sorry, harsh Martian atmosphere, we must remember, first and foremost, to grieve the dead.

“The ship that crashed has been reported, and our cost-saving leaders have promised to look in to the issues leading to the accident, and correct any problems for future flights. In the meantime, we must gather ourselves, and remember that we are only as strong as the weakest of us, the most hurting. So turn to your neighbours, and remember, as Jesus said when he first arrived on Mars, ‘Lo, in the great redness of this planet, shall we find our true hope through toil. We must plow this dust until the green earth below reveals itself. We must multiply our numbers until they fill the domes. And yea, though the air is thin, it cannot kill me.’

“Friends and neighbours, though our hearts are heavy with the loss of our friends and neighbours, remember that in just a week we shall have new friends and new neighbours arriving on the W.S.S. Low Prices 3, and we can rebuild.

“Lift your heads to the weak, diffuse light, my friends, and pray for the sun to grow brighter. Amen.”

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