Weekend Plans

“Hey Mena! It’s Pam here, your favourite former earthling. Sorry if I’m calling at a bad time. I guess you’re, like, I dunno, doing whatever important bureauractic stuff you do. What was it you do again? Anyway, okay, sure.

“Hey, so are you still with that guy Mike? I know it was like, ages ago you told me about him, but we haven’t seen each other in like a month! Where are you girl?

“What’s that? Oh, right, right, sorry, hun. Okay, so Mena. What are you doing next weekend? What? Shit, sorry. The weekend after next. So not the coming Saturday, but the one after. I hope nothing, because I want you, and Mike if he’s still around, to come with me and Dave to the Arcadia Planitia base. We’re gonna drink, and party, and gamble all our savings away, and then on Saturday night me and Dave are – wait for it – okay, don’t because I’ll tell you we’re going to get married!

“I know, right? Amazing! And it’s going to be, like, the most fairytale wedding you can have on Mars. I’m even going dress shopping tomorrow. Speaking of which, what are you doing tomorrow evening? Want to come with me to WM Dress Co in – ”

“Hey again Mena. I guess I was talking too long, your message thing cut me off! Anyway, tomorrow around six, we go look at dresses, and next weekend, we go to – what’s that? Right, thanks honey. The weekend after next, we go to Arcadia Planitia and you be my bridesmaid while I get married! Did I mention the bridesmaid part before? I hope I did. You’re kind of my best friend and all that.

“Okay, anyway call me as soon as you get this, Mena. Love and kisses!”


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