Laundry Day

Robbie hated laundry.

He cleaned his clothes, of course. He knew better than to let the smell build up. But he despised the act of doing laundry; sorting clothes, placing in the washer, measuring soap, turning the dial. None of it appealed, and was a bi-weekly nuisance he’d rather be without.

By extension, Robbie hated his dryer, and did everything possible to ignore it. It was useful to dry his clothes, and he interacted with it only to load it, press the button, and unload it later.

It was no surprise, then, that after a few months his clothes took longer to dry, and were covered in lint. Still, he kept on as he had: open door, place clothes in, turn dial, press button. Return, open door, remove clothes, close door. Out of sight, the lint built up.


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