Kara opened her e-mail. She sifted through the junk, deleting some twenty messages. How these could build up overnight, she didn’t know, and she made a mental note to start unsubscribing. Tomorrow, she thought, as she did every time she made this mental note.

What was left was one message from her brother Eric about Christmas presents, and an e-card from her mother. She hovered over the message from Eric, then decided to get the e-card out of the way first.

Kara rolled her eyes. No matter how many times she told her mother of her hatred of e-cards, she kept receiving them. She could picture her mother sitting in the big chair at home, tea on the table beside her, computer in lap as she hunted and pecked at the keyboard, slowly spelling out the message.

The animation started, then the music a few seconds after. Not good music, either, just easy listening midi music. Kenny G lite. Kara sighed, waiting.

Finally the message came on: “Hi Sweetie! I know you hate these, but this one was too cute, and I thought it would be good to cheer you on the anniversary of our dog’s passing. Hope your day goes well, and you find a job! XOXO -Mom”

Kara sighed, smiling at her mother’s kindness. She moved the e-card to the folder of other e-cards she kept. She couldn’t delete them, but wanted them out of sight. She clicked on the e-mail from her brother, a little happier about her day.


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