Pins and Needles

Jack sat down, curling one leg under the other, and grabbed his computer. He opened the screen and waited for it to load.

He looked around the room as the computer booted. The bookcase to his right, the wall with a poster on it to his left. The poster was a copy of Edvard Munch’s The Scream, the little person on a bridge distorted and calling out the horror of his life. Ironically, in Jack’s mind. He always laughed at the scream.

The computer’s screen finished loading, and Jack opened the browser. He checked his e-mail, then facebook, then played a game. He started reading the news, then went back to his game. Then back to the news. Then to a different game. Then to a video. He laughed, clicked on another video, then another.

When the video finished, Jack stretched his arms above his head. His foot was feeling cold and numb, and he realized he hadn’t moved, had been sitting on it since he first sat down. He set his computer to the side and stood up to stretch.

At first, standing was fine. The lack of feeling in the foot threw his balance off a little, but with both feet planted he was okay.

Then the feeling started to return. Jack’s foot started feeling warmer, and his skin prickled. Wanting to get the feeling back more quickly, he shifted his weight to his good leg and raised the numb one off the ground.

A shock went through his foot, feeling returning with a vengeance. The sensation of pain as the blood rushed into the joint, the veins, the skin, made him bite his lip. He set the foot back down on the floor, only to experience another jarring stab of pain. Any movement set it off.

He tried to put some weight on the foot, only to stumble. He grabbed the sofa to keep from falling over, then lowered himself down to sitting, keeping the foot extended. He waited, his foot getting warmer and warmer. He tried to move his ankle, and the joint still hurt, though not as bad. He continued twisting it around and around, and finally the pain subsided, the pins and needles gone. He sighed, glad to have his foot back.

Not wanting to make the same mistake again, Jack folded his other foot underneath himself and returned to his computer.


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