The Internet Enlightenment

In the early days of the internet, when it was a wild, untamed place, there arose a great champion of the people.

It was a time when ideology held sway over reason, despite protestations to the contrary. Where machismo was given great credit, women were objectified, and accusations thereof dismissed by the reforming of “social justice” as the pejorative “SJW”. Racism was rampant, though often proclaimed as ironically comedic.

Through these dark, disrespectful lands, a true hero arose in the form of Cory Danaher. Cultivating a website of the finest quality, Cory allowed commenting, but employed an army of administrators to clear those words which were deemed harmful to humanity.

Such curation was not without criticism. Some – those most deleted – decried Cory as a “PC Nazi” or “HitlerAdmin”. Such was level of rancor among the anti-Cory elite that Cory himself was once quoted as saying, “I should just quit this bullshit”.

Thankfully, Mr. Danaher did not shut down his website, instead using it as a tool to reshape the informational landscape towards one of intellect. Beginning with kittens, Cory overlayed text meant to encourage thoughtful response. The initial commentary was ill-considered, but as the deeper questions raised lingered in the recesses of the mind, the internet slowly turned from informational, to knowledgeable, to intellectual.

And lo, through the creation and deployment of the dankest of memes, Cory Danaher reformed our repository from a cultural dark age to enlightenment.


2 thoughts on “The Internet Enlightenment

  1. Love the ideology in this story. It astonishes me how quickly any set of Internet comments can divulge into a mess of ignorant prejudices. Sometimes I even question the value of letting everyone have a voice… Which is, of course, a separate but related issue. Thanks for the read!

  2. Thank you for the thoughtful comment, Shyla! I I often wonder about that myself. Comment sections can allow for brilliance, but can also allow ignorance to shine…or trolling, which is an even stranger issue.

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