Have A Good Day

“Mr. Wainwright, can I interest you in a new insurance plan? It has all the…yes, I see. Well, Mr. Wainwright, what if I were to offer you…oh, yes, of course. Yes. No. I’m sorry Mr…Mr. Wainwright, please stop yelling…I…okay, thank you, have a good day Mr. Wainwright.”

“Why do you do that?” Ron asked.

Wes took off his headset and turned. “Do what, my job?”

“No,” Ron said, removing his own headset, happy for the short break. “I mean, I take calls and everything too. But we don’t have to say ‘have a good day’. Especially not to people who were clearly yelling at us.”

“I know, but it’s still good to be polite,” Ron said.

“Why? They’re not polite to us.”

“No, but, I mean, why make things worse?”

Wes frowned. “Worse? Maybe it will teach them a lesson if we just hang up, or tell them to bugger off.”

Ron shook his head. “I don’t think so. I think it will just make everyone a worse person.”

“You have to stand up for yourself, Ron. How do you think I get paid eleven-twenty-five, while you only make ten-eighty?”

“Hm,” Ron looked down. “Yeah, I guess. I dunno, though.”

“Just try it,” Wes said, putting his headset back on as the manager started making the rounds.”

“Okay,” Ron said, doing likewise. He pushed the button for the next call, and said, “Hello? Yes, is this Ms Dwyer? Hi Ms Dwyer, this is Dave from Connect Insurance calling. Ms Dwyer, can I interest you in a new insurance plan? It has…yes, okay, but Ms Dwyer, I…alright then. Well, have a bad fucking day, yourself, Ms Dwyer.” Ron punched the button, turned, and smiled at Wes, who gave him a thumbs-up. He pressed the button for the next call.


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