All the Things

Kendall sat down on the couch, turned on the TV, and took his phone out of his pocket. As the pundits talked at each other, he scrolled through the news, then swiped over to funny memes.

Finding a particularly funny picture with text overlayed, Kendall opened his laptop and transferred it over, then set that picture as his desktop. A beeping sounded from the kitchen, and leaving the laptop open and the TV talking, he rounded the corner to find his single-serve coffee machine having completed its task. He took a sip – damn fine flavour, he thought – while continuing to scroll through his phone.

Kendall then set the mug and phone down, opened his freezer, and took out the box of pre-made breakfast sandwiches. He pulled one out of the box, removed the plastic wrap, and put the sandwich on a plate, the plate in the microwave.

As the microwave whirred, thawing the sandwich, Kendall pulled the sandwich press from his cupboard and plugged it in. Once the microwave finished, he transferred the now-soggy breakfast sandwich over to the press, clamping the hot metal down around it. He waited while a bright red timer counted down, picking up his phone again to see what was new in the last half-minute.

When the beeper beeped, Kendall removed his now crispy breakfast sandwich from the press, placing it on its plate again. He picked up his mug with the same hand holding his phone, balancing the two very carefully, while holding the plate in the other. He walked back toward to the living room where the pundits were punditing, and the browser on his laptop screen showed six new posts on his newsfeed. He scanned them quickly, then went back to the phone and sandwich.

The fire alarm reminded him to unplug the sandwich press. He returned to the living room, the beeping still hammering at his eardrums, and turned on the ceiling fan. The alarm stopped while he sipped his coffee, finished his sandwich, and took in his media. As the fan made him colder, he turned the heat up.


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