Regal Conversation

“Good morning, Tut,” Sandra said. “You’re looking quite well today.”

The sarcophagus sat inside its glass case, staring out.

“Oh, thank you! It’s new, I saw it on the mannequin and just thought ‘I have to have that!'” Sandra sprayed the glass with a bottle of blue liquid, then wiped it down with a cloth.

“Oh, Tut, you’re too much. You know, I do feel much more feminine in this, but at the same time, I feel like all the men get a real sense of my power, you know? Like, sure, I’m pretty low on the totem pole – not that you’d know much about those, Tutty – but when you dress to impress, you impress the rest, as they say.”

The glass was clean, and the sarcophagus continued staring out, its pointed chin unmoving.

“I know, right? It’s my mentor who says that, he’s great. I’ll bring the book sometime, give you a bit of a reading. Anyway, Tuts, I think I hear Munch screaming for me. You take care of yourself. We’ll talk more later, sweetie.”

Sandra tossed the rag into her cart and pushed it along, leaving the gold coffin alone again.


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