The Stutterer

“Ugh, why can’t he just talk normally?” Carrie said.

“Who?” Rob asked.

“The boss! He calls you in to his office, then spends like twenty minutes with his st-st-st-stutter.” Carrie giggled at her own joke.

Rob laughed as well, then said, “I know, right? I-i-it’s so h-h-h-hard to g-g-get anything d-d-d-done.”

“And you want to just say, ‘stop it, man, speak like a normal person!’ But he’s the boss, and might give a reprimand or something.”

“Maybe we should tell the CEO?”

“The CEO?” Carried said. “What would we say? ‘Oh, sir, Mr. Ullrich has a stutter, can you tell him to stop?’ I don’t know that that would work.”

“Naw, you can’t be so direct,” Rob turned more fully to her. “We say, ‘Sir, I think we have a problem with Mr. Ullrich. He makes one on one and team meeting exceptionally long, has low outward sales numbers, and is generally bad for productivity. I think you should speak to him about improving, or fire him.'”

“Hmm, not bad at all. Okay, you craft the e-mail, I’ll give it a read over, and we’ll send it off. Finally get the office going normally again.”


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