Passions and Errors

Very few birthday parties are improved by the public airing of private pornography.

Dave and Stacy had been dating for three years and, at his insistence, had made a series of videos for their own use – primarily Dave’s, though Stacy occasionally enjoyed them as well.

At Stacy’s birthday, however, Dave decided it would be funny to feign troubles with the video system, and instead of airing their intended movie (Troll 2), he opened SridesDcuracao2014.avi. The resulting thirty seconds (before he closed it, giggling) left everyone surprised, horrified, and just a little bit aroused.

Dave, from the computer, looked up and said, “Whoops, sorry folks. Wrong video. This should be it.”

This time, the video opened with Stacy, looking at the camera, a penis (Dave’s, most people surmised) in hand just as she was opening her mouth and moving forward. The video lasted just long enough for everyone to have a sense of Stacy’s skills, and Dave’s reactions, before Dave closed it, now in a fit of hysterics.

Before Dave could open the actual movie, Stacy ran to the bedroom, slamming the door. Dave sat on the floor, still laughing, as most of the guests hurried to leave.

While the incident spelled the end of Dave and Stacy’s relationship, it did lead to renewed passions among the couples in Stacy’s extended family.


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