In the Bathtub

Lisa sat in her bathtub. It was only half-full, the water not quite covering her thighs. And cold.

The water had been hot, some hours before. The bathtub had also been full, some hours before. But Lisa just sat, staring.

She was fully dressed, which was not normal for her – at least as far as being in the bathtub goes. Her jeans stuck to the tops of her thighs, her shirt had wicked water up to her shoulders, even her bra was soaked. The only comfortable parts were her feet, fully submerged, in socks.

The cold wasn’t making her shiver. Cold was perhaps too strong a word. Tepid. That bland, innocuous word that denotes such indifference, such irrelevance. Like a life spent doing what everyone else was doing. Drinking and dancing on Friday night, watching the latest shows through the week, searching for someone to date, or lacking that, someone to fuck. She felt tepid.

Lisa had started the bath because she was cold. She was about to strip down when the tub was full, when the idea struck her. Try something new. Something different. She wanted to live by the words of that song. “Try one thing every day that scares you”, or something like that.

So she left her clothes on. Slipped in. It was weird, at first. The feeling of the water soaking through her jeans so quickly, then her underwear. Her shoulders still dry for a few minutes.

As the water cooled, Lisa thought about adding more. She looked at the tap, considered reaching forward. But she didn’t. She didn’t know why she didn’t. She just…didn’t.

So now, Lisa sat, tepid in the tub, her clothes gluing to her body, feeling cold but not feeling cold, and wondering just what she should do next.

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