Awkward First Dates

Kendra sat at the pub table, jiggling her leg. She reached up, moved the fork and knife away from the plate, straightened them, pushed them up the napkin, moved them closer to the plate. She looked down at her jeans, her top, adjusted it, hoped it was appropriate.

The door to the pub opened. A tall woman walked in, looked around. She had the same top as Kendra. Kendra blushed, hoped this was just a coincidence. The tall woman walked over.


Kendra blushed. “Yeah. Silvia?”

“That’s me! Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too,” Kendra said. “Umm, nice top.”

Silvia laughed as she sat down. “Well, this is either really embarrassing, or maybe it’s a good sign. We have the same tastes, right?”

“Right,” Kendra said. “That’s a good thing. And we can always coordinate for the second date.”

“Oh, so you already assume a second date, huh?”

Kendra’s blush deepened. “No, I mean…I just…it’s more like, umm – ”

“It’s okay,” Silvia smiled. “I’ll wear purple for the second date, how’s that?”

Kendra visibly relaxed. “Great, I’ll go with yellow.”

“How complimentary!”

A waitress came over and took their orders. The two continued to talk, repeating jokes about their clothing choices.


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