“Hey,” Jason said, interrupting Rosaline’s train of thought, “do you remember that show, about a bunch of thirty-somethings? A sit-com, I think?”

“You mean Friends?” Rosaline said.

“No, that’s not it. On the right track though. Oh, what was it called. It was about people who were friends, yes. In their thirties. In New York, I think.”

“Yeah, that’s Friends.”

“No, I’m quite sure it isn’t. They do silly things. There’s like, six of them, I think?”

“Still talking about Friends, Jason.”

“No, but one of them has a pet monkey – ”

“That’s Ross.”

“And one of them used to be rich but works in a café?”

“That’s Rachel. They get together, then break up, then get together, over and over again.”

“Yeah, that sounds right! What show was that?”

“That’s Friends, Jay.

“Rosaline, I’m sure it isn’t Friends I’m thinking of. It’s like Friends, but not. What was it?”

Rosaline sighed. “Everything I said, and everything you described, is Friends. However, maybe you’re thinking of Seinfeld?”

“Yes! That’s the one. Has all of that, right?”

“Not even close, but whatever, sure, it’s Seinfeld.” She shook her head, and tried to get her thought train back on the rails.


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