Melissa’s Cat’s Eye Major Marble

Melissa was always losing her marbles.

She never used their purple velvet bag other than for travel, but rather left them loose on the floor, creating both a hazard for herself and her visitors, and a difficulty in gathering them together. As the day of the championship neared, though, she went from hopeful, to worried, to deeply concerned that she wouldn’t find her Cat’s Eye Major Marble in time. She saw plenty of other marbles, but not her Major.

She had last seen it near the stove. That much she was certain of. It was large, and therefore easy to spot, but it was not under the stove. A great deal of peering, and a shining of her flashlight, revealed that.

She tried under the fridge, but no luck there. There were few other hiding places in the kitchen. A couple of corners, and crannies under shelving, and they tool all of thirty seconds to check.

In the living room, however, there was a lifetime of hiding places. She spent hours shining the flashlight under things, over things, in things. Rechecking places she had just looked, trying new vistas or holes. Feeling inside the sofa, as much as she could reach in there.

Then there was the bedroom. What Melissa did with some of her marbles was nobody’s business, of course, but her Cat’s Eye Major Marble was not to be trifled with. It had brought her many a marble championship trophy, and she didn’t mess around with marble championships. Still, she checked every possible hiding place, every box and bag and dark corner. No luck.

Returning to the kitchen, then, she prepared herself to withdraw from the coming International Marble Federation Championship. It was picking up the phone that prompted her to think of the purple velvet bag.

She pulled open her special Marble Drawer, withdrew the bag, and felt around. Nothing. Melissa sighed.

As she slammed the drawer shut, though, she heard it. A rolling. A thunk of glass against wood. She pulled the drawer open again, and rolling toward the front, now tapping the against the drawer and begging for freedom, was her Cat’s Eye Major Marble, slightly scuffed.

Melissa gently lifted the marble out, held it up, and examined it. None the worse for wear. She immediately set about polishing it, readying it for its coming battles.


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