Tallest on the Block

“Hey Gary. Gary. Gary!”

“Yeah Carl?”

“Having a hard time hearing today?”

“Lot of traffic, Carl. You know how it is. Honking and such. Plus my lightning tower was hit last night, I’m still buzzing from that. And the people inside are stomping particularly loudly, I don’t know why.”

“Sorry to hear that, Gary. Hey, what do you think of the new girl?”


“Yeah. Just went up a few weeks ago. A couple of stories shorter, but she has a damn fine sky lobby, if you ask me.”

“I agree, Carl. I agree. Not a chance for either of us, though, I don’t think.”

“No, probably not. Fancy-assed Mr. Empire State has been riding his celebrity train for years, and people just eat that shit up. Everyone just ignores the fact that he’s a sad, decrepit old man.”

“Well, some day, Carl. We’re still the tallest boys on the block. Let’s just enjoy that.”

“Agreed, Gary. Agreed.”


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