No Rhyme or Reason

“I think,” David said thoughtfully, “that we should mow the lawn.”

“Mow the lawn?” Stefan said. “On our day off, you want to mow the lawn? Not go for a walk, or a picnic, or maybe even a coffee somewhere? Ice cream?”

“No, I would like to mow the lawn.”

“But we live in an apartment, David. We don’t even have a lawn to mow!”

David frowned. “Hm. Okay, what if we head down to the park and sing a song?”

Stefan smiled. “That’s better. What song?”

“Good question. Okay, let’s go in to work and organize the stock shelves.”

“David, it’s our day off. We don’t work on our day off.”

“Well, then, we’ll be like the little organizer elves,” David grinned mischievously.

“Are you just purposely rhyming everything?” David nodded. “Well stop it, and do try to come up with a decent plan of what to do today.”

David was quiet a moment, then lifted his head, his eyes bright. “Let’s head to the beach with a Frisbee and play!”

“…Dammit, David.”


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