Voices on the Radio

“Hello? Hello?” the voice on the radio said.

Diane ran across the room to the little metal box. The curtains fluttered as she passed, revealing dark clouds over a broken city, occasional lights winking on and off. She grabbed the microphone, turned a nob, and said, “Hello? Who’s there?”

“Hello! Nice to find someone,” the voice on the radio said. It sounded male, young adult. Maybe thirties or forties?

“Hi, this is Diane. Who is this?”

“This is Lance, nice to meet you Diane. Where are you staying?”

“On the western side,” she said, not wanting to give too much away. “And you?”

“Also western. Nearly Portage and Queen. How’s things around you? Stable?”

“Stable enough. I haven’t had the worst of it, yet. Food’s a bit scarce, but I’m managing. How about you?”

“Crazy here. The beasts are everywhere, I’ve spent the past two days running. Kept a freaking radio with me the whole way, which I was worried would be stupid. But I’m glad to get to talk to someone. Haven’t done so in weeks. Not a real person, at least.”

“Yeah, me neither. Staying holed up in the sky is safer, but not too friendly. Most of my neighbours left to find food, and haven’t been back.”

“Well, I’ve got some food. I can bring it to you, providing I make it past the beasts. Where are you? Near Portage and Queen, I hope!”

Diane chuckled, feeling at ease. “I’m just a block away, Lance. Come to one fifty-two Prince street, climb to the twenty-second floor, and knock at apartment twenty-three-oh-nine. There I’ll be.”

“Great, see you soon, Diane. If I make it.”

“I hope you do. Over and out.” Diane said. She sat, waiting.

An hour later she heard a scratching in the hall. She flicked off the radio, then stood and walked to the door as quietly as possible. She looked through the peep hole to see a large, hairy creature scratching at the door across the hall from her. It stopped, then searched through a bag. A moment later, she could hear its voice.

“Diane, this is Lance, can you hear me?” it said. “I’m outside, come open up.”


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