Path of Strawberries

Arthur walked out of the convenience store, a box of strawberries in his hand.

“You ready now?” Caitlyn asked. “Satisfied?”

“Very,” Arthur said around a strawberry, a little red juice dribbling down his chin. “We can continue, my cravings are satisfied.”

They returned to the sidewalk and turned right, heading toward the intersection. Arthur moved at a slower pace, paying more attention to his strawberries than to Caitlyn, who kept motoring forward, then having to stop and wait for him to catch up.

“Would you come on? We’re supposed to be on a walk, not a snack fest. This is for our health, Arty.”

“Mmm, yeah, but,” Arthur said around a berry before swallowing, “but these strawberries are delicious. You should try one.”

“I’m trying to lose weight, remember? No sweets.”

“But they’re strawberries! Natural sweetness. Good for you. One won’t undo the past two weeks of starvation you’ve been on.”

Caitlyn stopped and folded her arms. She kept her mouth shut, glaring at him, a tear starting to well up in her eye. She forced it back, then coughed to clear her throat before saying, “Arthur, no. Let me try to do this my way. Don’t tempt me into food. Just let me get fit.”

“But you’re already fit!”


Arthur sighed and lowered the half-empty box. “Fine, let’s cut through to the next street.” He gestured to the path between houses.

“Okay.” Caitlyn unfolded her arms, and they started walking.

Halfway down the path, Arthur took another strawberry, biting into it and savouring the sweet fruit. He then tossed the box to the ground behind him. The remaining red berries spilled out, rolling in the gravel.

“What? Why did you do that?” Caitlyn asked.

“You’re right, we should be more healthy. I’m removing temptation.”

She sighed. “Sometimes I don’t really get you at all.”

They carried on, leaving the box on its side, its contents strewn across the path, leaving a mystery for future walkers.


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