Playground Arguments

“My Mom is the coolest Mom,” Trina said.

“No way,” Justin jumped off the monkey bars and stood in front of Trina. “My mom is way cooler.”

“Nuhn uhn, mine’s cooler!”

“No she isn’t, mine is!”

“She is not, Justin!” Trina pushed Justin. “Mine’s the best. She makes me cookies and kool-aid and let’s me stay up late watching movies!”

“Yeah, well mine takes me out for ice cream every day let’s me play video games as long as a I want!” Justin pushed Trina back.

“Stop pushing me! My Mom and Dad are still married, so there!”

“You pushed first! And my Mom brings home a new Dad for me every couple of months, and they’re always in the bedroom yelling at the top of their lungs how much they love each other late at night!”

“My Mom and Dad yell about loving each other all over the house, and in the car, and in the backyard, and everywhere!”

“Oh yeah? Well my Mom is going to make me a little brother, so there!”

“I don’t want a little brother, because then I get all the stuff for myself. They just don’t love you enough, Trina!”

“They do so!”

“Nuhn uhn!”

“Yah huhn!”

“Whatever, loser,” Justin gave a final shove, knocking Trina to the ground, and walked away. Trina harrumphed, then went back to playing, knowing she had won the argument.


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