So Boring

“Ugh, I’m just so bored!” Bryce said.

“Well, what do you want to do?” Felicia asked.

“I don’t know, anything!”

“How about we go to the library?”

Bryce sneered. “Libraries are boring.”

“I actually like them, but to each their own. How about a movie?”

“Nothing good on.”


“What are we, eighty-five? No one bowls anymore.”

Felicia sighed. “Well, do you have a suggestion of something you want to do, that you wouldn’t find boring?”

“I want to have a huge party, with beer and liquor and people coming from all over the city to worship me and my brilliance.”

“Uh huh. So who will you invite?”

“I dunno, I don’t know anyone in this crummy little town.”

“Then maybe you should go out and meet some people, instead of sitting here complaining at your apparently only friend about how everything she likes is boring.” Felicia stood up. “I’m heading to the library to read. Join me if you want, or go find some other little twerp if you don’t.” She walked away.

Bryce sat staring after her, getting more and more angry at her stupid, boring attitude.


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