Ticking Toaster

The gentle ticking of the toaster oven soothed Donald.

His mother had tried and tried to find something to put him to sleep. Singing lullabies, feeding, changing, swaddling, even putting him in the car and driving around for a few hours. Nothing seemed to work.

Then one evening, in a fit of fatigue, Miranda made herself some toast. Almost immediately after the ticking started, Donald was asleep.

She tried using other ticking sounds: egg timers, stop watches, whatever she could think of or find. But it was only the toaster oven that made Donald sleep.

It became Miranda’s nightly ritual to make toast. Only one slice for herself – the snack helped her sleep, as well. But the toaster trick was only good for a minute or two. The first two nights, she had hurried him off to bed as soon as he was out, and all was fine until morning. The third night, however, she was late getting him away, and eagerly anticipating her snack.

The ding woke Donald up.

He immediately started crying, so Miranda pushed the timer for the toaster oven forward. A moment later, he was asleep again. She kept the toaster going another minute, then hustled him off to bed.

When she returned, her toast was burnt. She had used the last slice of bread, so she would have to go without her snack tonight. She slept poorly, but was ready for the race the next night.


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