Kissing Under the Slide

Michael and Laura sat under the slide. The chaotic melee of a daycare playground raged around them, but they sat in silence, side by side, staring at the fence.

“That was…” Laura said.

“Confusing,” Michael finished.

“I thought it was going to be more. From everything they say, it’s supposed to be magical.”

“I thought it was pretty good.”

“It was okay. But it wasn’t the magical experience. I don’t see how a frog would become a prince.”

“Was it me? Something I did?”

“No no, you were fine. I think it was just…I don’t know. I chew from there.”


“And I still remember being breastfed from there.”

“You remember that? I don’t.”

“Yeah. So you can see my problem.”

“I guess so.”

“Well, Michael, thank you, at least, for being my first.”

“Thank you too, Laura.”

“I’m going to go try Maria.”


Laura stood, shook Michael’s hand, and walked away. Michael remained seated, staring at the fence, developing a complex.


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