Running for the Bus

“No Mom, the bus is right there, you’re the one that’s giving me money for the fare!” Mandy shouted.

“Mandy, listen, I’m just trying to tell you that – ”

“The bus is right there Mom, come on I have to go!”

“You can catch the next one, dear. Now, Annette is – ”

“Ugh, this is another gay thing, I don’t care, I have to go!” Mandy turned and started running toward the bus stop.

Her mother started running after her. “Mandy, wait!” she called.

“Stop following me Mom! We’ll talk tonight, God!”

Mandy ran up the steps of the bus. Her mother waited at the open the door. The driver looking at her in question. She shook her head.

“I just wanted to say that Annette is leaving me. But you have a good day, dear.”


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