Shaved Head

“Holy crap, what’s happened to your hair?”

“I shaved it all off, obviously,” Marie raised a hand to her hand, rubbing it along the shiny white scalp.

“But…but…your hair! It was so long and beautiful and the envy of everyone. And by everyone, I mean me!”

“It’s okay, Jenn, it’s just hair. It’ll grow back.”

Jennifer stood, her eyes and mouth wide, distraught. She lifted her hands toward Marie’s head, reached a mental cut-off point, and dropped them. She lifted them again, and dropped them. Finally she stopped trying to raise them, and just stood, slack-jawed and slack-armed.

“Don’t worry. It will grow back. I just wanted to try something new.”

“But Marie, I, I, I just can’t even.”

“Don’t worry, Jenn. You will even.”

“But it was so beautiful…”

Marie put her arms around her friend as Jenn descended into tears. Finally, Jenn reached one hand up to her friend’s head, touching it lightly.

“Ooh, your scalp is smooth,” Jenn said.

“I know, right?”

They pulled out of the embrace, and Marie remained still while Jenn ran her hands all over the baldness.

“Okay, if this is the trade-off, I guess I can forgive you.”

“Thanks, Jenn. You can rub my head any time you need to.”

“I will,” Jenn said, continuing to run her hands all over the egg.


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