What’s the Buzz

“What’s the buzz?” Chris said.

Elijah cocked his head to the side. “Sorry?”

“I say, what’s the buzz, daddy-o?”

“Umm…if you mean what’s up, then I guess not too much.”

“Tubular, my compadre.”

“Why are you talking like that?”

“Like what, hep cat?”

“Like you’re somewhere between the 1950s and insanity? And you’re dressed like a freaking lumberjack! What is this, hipster Wednesday?”

“No way, man. I just saw a sweet film last night, and I liked the way they verbalized.”

“Was it some kind of beat poet film?”


“Okay, well, I’m going to go get some groceries. I hope this has passed by the time I get back.”

“Take a chill pill, Bill.”

“Not even the right era. See you in a while.”

“Later, crocodile.”

Elijah opened his mouth, then closed it and left.


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