Flag Sewer

The flag stitcher was, at one time, called a flag sewer, until the internet. At that point, he could no longer call himself a flag sewer, for the fact that too many people were confused and angry that he was putting flags down the toilet or, more complicatedly, down the sink.

After setting up flagsewer.com, he sat sewing his flags as the hate mail poured in, proclaiming him an anti-patriot, a moron, a terrorist, and, confusingly, a pedophile.

It did great things for his business, in part because he immediately set up a new website as flagstitcher.com, where those so incensed by flagsewer.com went to get their flags to take pictures with to send to flagsewer.com. Indeed, many who bought their flags from flagstitcher would send that flag to flagsewer along with their vitriolic admonitions about what the flag sewer was presumed to be doing, the irony of this action entirely lost on them.

So the flag stitcher created a tidy little business of recycling flags, and spent some of his free time take pictures of flags in various drainage systems to perpetuate the misinformation.

This was how the flag stitcher became rich, whereupon he outsourced the work to China and sat back, fat off the profits.


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