Muscle Mass

Before he gained two hundred pounds, Elmer was a scrawny, emaciated little man. He found it difficult to lift a bag of potatoes at the grocery store, let alone anything with heft.

So he began his strength training. Watching reality shows about the morbidly obese, he realized the muscle mass required to move such weight must be extensive. Though the after videos showed excess skin, the people also looked strong. And so Elmer started eating.

He ate and ate and ate, as many calories as he could per day until he felt ill. When the nausea subsided, he ate a little more. And a little more.

As his waist expanded, his muscles struggled to keep up. He found himself having to walk more just so his legs could keep up with the weight gain.

Finally, Elmer was tipping the scales at three hundred and thirty pounds, and he was sure his muscles had grown commensurate to the fat. It was still a struggle to lift the potato bag, but he attributed that to his sagging arms.

Then came the hitch in Elmer’s plan. His stomach was enlarged, and he wanted to keep eating. But he needed to lose the weight, while retaining the muscle. He tried to extend his walks, but he was quickly winded. He was too embarrassed to go to the gym. He decided to try some workout videos, but was quickly distracted by Netflix. And so he continued to grow, eating more and more while moving less and less.

After gaining another four hundred pounds, Elmer submitted his application to the reality show as a last hope.


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