Fine Dining

Walking into the restaurant’s foyer, James and Mary were met by a large candelabra tended by a mustachioed man in fancy clothes, his black vest matching his bowtie. James and Mary looked at each other, impressed.

As they tried to enter the restaurant itself, though, the man stopped them. He pointed at the coat racks, where several long coats hung already.

James pulled Mary’s jacket off her shoulders and hung it, then shrugged off his own. They tried a second time to enter the restaurant, but the man again halted them, gesturing to his own attire, then to James’ t-shirt and jeans. Mary, in a simple dress, passed muster.

James shrugged helplessly at the mustachioed man, indicating he didn’t have anything better to wear. He signed having to drive home, then pointed at his watch; they had a reservation. The man shrugged, and again gestured to his own attire.

James frowned and tried to push his way in. The mustachioed man stopped him. James considered pushing the man out of the way, but decided against that. He took his and Mary’s coats and left. They drove down the street to the fast food restaurant and clogged their arteries at a lower price.


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