Learning Lessons

Billy reached the top of the hill, threw his leg over the bike, and sat. With a one, two, three, he pushed himself forward, the momentum just enough to get him rolling. His bike moved faster and faster, until the wind in his face forced him to close his eyes.

As the hill leveled out, Billy slowed, but not enough for the end of the street. His front tire hit the curb, sending him forward over the handlebars to land on his back in the grass. He laughed, then finally opened his eyes to look up at the blue sky.

Standing, Billy lifted his bicycle and started walking it up the street.

Old Man Jenkins was backing out of his driveway, but stopped just in time when a tiny person appeared in his rearview mirror. His heart pounded heavily, and he put the car in park while his hands shook. Billy kept walking.

When he reached the top of the hill, Billy saw Old Man Jenkins’ car pull out of his driveway. He grinned and pushed himself forward, starting his bicycle moving toward the car, at “Ramming speed!” as he yelled out. Jenkins pulled the car to the side, as Billy closed his eyes. The boy sped past the car before hitting a stone, sending him flying off the side of his bike and sliding along the pavement. He burst into tears while Old Man Jenkins drove off, glad that the foolish kid had learned a lesson.


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