Yard Work

Montgomery looked out on his lawn, the normally vast expanse of green covered over by dead leaves.

“Montgomery,” Lucille said, “Would you get the help to clean up the lawn?”

“I’ve already asked them, dear,” Montgomery said, annoyed.

“Then why haven’t they? It’s nearly mid-May.”

“I know, dear. But the short one went home to his brother, and the other one keeps saying he has to cook, or do laundry, or some other such nonsense.”

“I thought they were supposed to be hard workers.”

“They are, Lucille, but apparently not hard enough.”

“Should we fire them, then? And hire another?”

Montgomery sighed, the effort of having to go through another round of interviews already exhausting him. “Can’t we just wait until what’s his name is done with the laundry and our evening buffet? Then we can send him out to clean the yard from ten until two in the morning.”

“But when will he sleep?”

“When he finishes his work, dear.”

“Hm,” Lucille said. “Very well then, Montgomery, have him do that.”

Montgomery nodded and dictated a memo to his secretary to give to the work manager to assign the worker to clean the yard that night.


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