Wedding Catastrophes

At least the groom’s pigeon was clean.

No one actually believed Dillon when he told them he had a pet pigeon. Anyone who visited his apartment never saw the pigeon; he always told them that Lennie was out flying around, or sleeping and couldn’t be disturbed.

So when the groom walked in with a pigeon perched politely on his shoulder, dressed in a miniature bowtie, everyone was shocked.

The ceremony went smoothly. When the priest asked, “Do you, Dillon…”, Lennie nodded first, and Dillon then accepted. Betty was confused, but wrote it off as another eccentricity.

It is unfortunate that pigeons are like people in their gregariousness. If a pigeon sees another pigeon, he or she assumes that pigeon must be on to something. When another pigeon saw Lennie hanging out at the wedding, that pigeon flew down and perched on a wedding guest’s shoulder. This brought another pigeon, and another. Soon the bride had a pigeon on either shoulder, and a third tangled in her hair.

Few of the pigeons were as well behaved as Lennie, however, and the guests, the bride, and the priest were quickly covered in excrement.

To most, the wedding was ruined. Dillon, however, thought it hilarious; Betty filed for divorce the next day.


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